ProfitKey takes pride in its support services and understands the critical nature of customer needs in the fast paced society we live in today.  Having the right system in place and the right people standing behind it is priority one.  At ProfitKey we work with our customers to satisfy their needs.  We listen to what they have to say as we continue to enhance and improve on our already strong solution.  Our customers depend on our software to deliver timely and accurate information that is necessary for them to remain competitive in their respective marketplace.

Our seasoned support professionals are easily accessible through our online incident process, which provides customers with a powerful, easy to use tool that automates customer service.

ProfitKey’s Professional Services and IT Groups are highly experienced personnel that have solid backgrounds in manufacturing having worked directly for manufacturers in varying industries for several years.  They understand firsthand what is important to our clients and their experience provides customers with the confidence that they have chosen the right partner in ProfitKey.