Taylor Case Study

Taylor ERP Case Study

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of large steel fabricated products for the energy, chemical and aerospace industries. Products include gas pipeline components, pressure vessels, extruded connections, nuclear components, and packages for offshore platforms. A large percentage of their business is exported, with equipment installed in over thirty countries around the world.

Taylor ERP Case Study

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. is known for its people, quality, capabilities, and experience. This combination of attributes has made them a leader in the manufacture of products for severe and critical duty applications.

“Using the latest version of RRM has allowed us to combine our existing separate MS Access databases for Sales, Purchasing, and Production into one centralized database, giving all the users access to more information This allows for better distribution of information, and has improved communication between departments regarding job specifics information,” stated Trent Upshaw, Designer/IT Coordinator,

Taylor Case StudyTaylor Forge is currently using RRM for Order Entry thru Shipping and Invoicing. Add on features include; Rapid MES for attendance, Quality Suite, DBAudit and Payroll Interface with ABRA software.

They will be expanding MES by implementing the labor data collection portion and implementing the Quality Suite in the future.

Spot Light

  • 15 Rapid MES seats
  • Payroll Interface with ABRA
  • DBAudit

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc.
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