Technical Estimating

Costimator JS from MTI Systems calculates the cycle time and cost of manufacturing a part or assembly in your shop, based on the capabilities of your equipment and your shop rates.



Costimator JS Benefits

  • Increase Your RFQ “Win” % by as much as 100%
  • Eliminate jobs that cost you money to produce
  • Reduce estimating time by up to 200%
  • Increase shop floor productivity by up to 30%

Costimator JS comes fully loaded with a library of over 2,000 work centers and materials. If the equipment and materials you work with are not in our library, adding new ones takes just minutes, so implementing Costimator JS is quick and easy.

Estimate in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Enter the Part Information
Step 2: Select the Quantities to be quoted
Step 3: Add the required Material(s)
Step 4: Pick the Equipment needed to manufacture the part
Step 5: Add the Details for each operation