Technical Support

ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Internet Support enables our customers to find the answers they need online quickly and easily. This powerful e-business tool unleashes the full power on the Internet by eliminating e-mail backlogs, automating customer service, and lowering operation costs. Our customers can also check the status of their open incidents and the latest tracking information on new releases. ProfitKey offers its customers annual maintenance contracts, which entitles the customer to support and new releases of the software.

For more information download ProfitKey’s Understanding Your Support Channel.

ProfitKey Approved Connections

ProfitKey is constantly striving to provide our customers with the highest level of Technical Support Services. To provide a consistent method of connection to our customers we have chosen TeamViewer as our method for this purpose. This will allow us to connect to your system and perform the necessary tasks to resolve the encountered issue. TeamViewer is user friendly, secure, and allows ProfitKey to deliver a more prompt and thorough resolution to your Tech Support issue.

TeamViewer options:

  1. Unattended Access- This is a feature that would allow ProfitKey direct access to your server, similar to the way we currently use Remote Desktop or any other connection method. To use this feature, TeamViewer Host must be installed on your server and actively running. To terminate unattended access, you simply close out of TeamViewer entirely. The TeamViewer-ProfitKey Server Host installation .exe can be downloaded here: Download Server Host.
  2. Quick Support- This option allows quick connecting to client machines through a small non-installable executable file. When the executable is run, we will need your ID number and password that displays to connect to resolve the issue. The non-installable .exe can be downloaded here: Download Quick Support

We understand that security is a major concern for many of you and leaving your connection open for ease of access is not always an option. Therefore it may be necessary for ProfitKey personnel to contact your business to request access into your system. Although this may delay the time frame for providing assistance it should provide you with an acceptable comfort level. With TeamViewer, the unattended access feature allows ProfitKey Support Personnel to connect directly to your server using a unique ID and custom password that must be set up during the installation. This allows ProfitKey Support to connect in a timely fashion with no hassle on your end, while using a secure VPN connection generated by the application. For detailed instructions on setup, ask your Tech Support Representative for the UnattendedAccess.pdf.

If you still want to provide your own method to allow ProfitKey Support to properly connect to your system it is necessary for your company to provide access via one of the following methods.

  • Remote Desktop Connection. This is set up on your server to allow Remote Administration, which is limited to 2 simultaneous connections. There is no cost to you for Remote Administration. It may be used in conjunction with either an MS or a web based VPN client to first establish a secure connection into your network.
  • Any other web based VPN or connection gateway not requiring a client-side (fat client) application to be installed. We do not support any connection applications requiring an install on our Tech Support PCs.