ERP and MES Testimonials

“There is not a department in the company that has not been greatly impacted by us purchasing RRM. The production floor clocks in and out using RRM. This information is sent to ADP so there are no more time clocks. The production floor can enter labor as it is happening so the Sales Department can now accurately quote jobs. We have dramatically increased the accuracy of our inventory and decreased the time taking our inventory.

Our Production Department can locate a job on the floor in seconds without leaving their seat. Every employee can print all needed reports at their desk instead of relying on the computer room. Each department has been given a tool that has changed how we do business.”
– Hotwatt


“The flexibility of ProfitKey as a company and their interest in continuing to make their product match the users’ needs has greatly contributed to our on time delivery and credibility in our market space.”
-Don Hebert


“Using the latest version of RRM has allowed us to combine our existing separate MS Access databases for Sales, Purchasing, and Production into one centralized database, giving all users access to more information. This allows for better distribution of information, and has improved communication between departments regarding job specific information.”
-Trent Upshaw, Designer/IT Coordinator
Taylor Forge Engineering Systems


“RRM is a good match with our organization as it provides a cost efficient method, which has the necessary tools to track and analyze our company’s performance to target.”
– Monty Peterson
Contract ManagerADI