Three Way Part Number

Three-Way Item ID allows you to up Manufacturers in the system and cross-reference items with customers and manufacturers.



Three Way Item ID Cross Reference is a module that allows you to set up Manufacturers in the system and cross reference in two areas:

  • A fabricated component in the system with the Customer ID and Customer Item ID
  • A Purchased component with a Manufacturer Item ID

By having alternate manufacturers set up for an item, item costs and lead times can be improved, and important information about common quality problems from some manufacturers can be made available.

There are several advantages to alternate manufacturers for an item:

  • Improves order entry efficiency
  • Allows on line visibility of alternate items
  • Expands purchasing capabilities
  • Establishes document control of alternate sources

There are several ways that you can enter the information for Three Way Item ID Cross Reference:

  • By Customer ID
  • By Item ID (Item Master)
  • By Manufacturer’s ID
  • By Manufacturer Item ID

For Customer Item ID:

  • By Item ID
  • By Customer ID
  • By Customer Item ID

Manufacturers set up for a specific customer or item will print on BOMs, purchasing reports, and job/lot travelers.

The Customer Item ID and Three Way Item ID Cross Reference information print on a Bill of Material only if the item has a job line against it.