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ERP Implementation Case Studies

At ProfitKey we only succeed if your company succeeds. Here are a few of the many success stories our customers have shared with us.  Call us at 888-6-PROKEY so we can help your manufacturing business grow.

Schneider Packaging Case Study
Case Study: Schneider

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company manufactures a complete line of case and tray packing equipment, along with robotic and gantry palletizing systems offering complete “end-of-line” solutions.

An ISO 9001 company, Schneider’s years of experience allows for development of realistic commitments to ensure on-time deliveries. Their equipment is designed to operate around the clock year after year with minimal maintenance.

Schneider Packaging Case Study

According to Pete Squires, Vice President of the 135-person company, “Our solutions are engineered to customer order. ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing software substantially reduces our workload, particularly in the areas of purchasing, receiving and part tracking, allowing our engineers to concentrate on customer solutions directly in the field.”

Case Study: HotWatt
HotWatt ERP case study

Hotwatt established in 1952, began with the manufacturing of one product, the open coil heating element, Since them, Hotwatt has expanded their product line to include cartridge, air prose, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foo, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters, They are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of resistance heating elements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications In addition they can supply compatible accessory items which enable them to offer a complete heater system.

The produce high quality products and services for a variety of industries, including industrial, commercial and military.

According to Debbie Vaillancourt, IT manager, “There is not a department in the company that has not been great implicated by us purchasing RRM. The production floor clocks in and out using RRM. This information’s sent to ADP so there are no more time clocks The production floor can enter labor as it is happening so the Sales Department an now accurately quote jobs. We have dramatically increased the accuracy of our Inventory and decreased the time taking our inventory.

Our Production Department can locate the job on the floor in seconds without leaving their sear Every employee can port all needed reports at their desk instead of relying on the computer room Each department has been given a tool that has changed how we do business.”

HotWatt ERP case study
Case Study Janos Tech

For the first time, Hotwatt can now tell exactly what it is costing to product each part.


  • By using Document management, Hotwatt has benefited in many ways….

  • Instant access to information; customers wait less, handle more customers with the same number of support staff.

  • Savings on paper, staples, paperclips, file folders, file boxes.

  • Saved time not filing and re-filing all paperwork.

  • Groups share digital files more easily and send via e-mail in seconds.

  • Gained space after elimination of file cabinets

  • Electronic backup of all paperwork.

Danvers, MA

Janos Technology Case Study

Janos Technology, Inc. is a world leader in advanced infrared optical components and assemblies. Combining opto-mechanical design, automated equipment in fabrication and coating, and extensive metrology capabilities, Janos provides high performance optical solutions across broad IR spectrum. Certified to MIL-STD specifications, Janos provides thermal imaging lens assemblies in MWIR and LWIR, complex collimators, missile seeker heads, optical components and assemblies for Defense, Security/Surveillance, Commercial and Research.

Janos Technology Case Study

As a long time user of RRM, Janos utilizes a large portion of the system and is currently evaluating new features in order to keep up with their growing business.


Janos has around 500 open delivers at any given time and over 2000 open work orders. Using MRP and Netting enables the company to effectively respond to a large and complex set of customer demands.

Since 2006, their business has doubled and meeting demand has been no problem thanks to RRM. According to Don Herbert, IT Director, “The flexibility of Profitkey as a company and their interest in continuing to make their product match the user’s needs has greatly contributed to our own time delivery and credibility in our own market space.”


Janos currently has over 40 user system running on an Oracle database. They are very active on the User Group Forum and continue to assist other users in report writing.


  • Strong understanding of the RRM architecture and database structure; specifically in retrieving data for other applications.

  • Strong Scheduling Users

  • Statistical Process Control Users

  • Analyze cost structure for shipped products by utilizing the data structure for FIFO Costing.

Janos Technology
Keene, NH

Case Study: Taylor Forge
Taylor Forge Case Study

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of large steel fabricated products for the energy, chemical and aerospace industries. Products include gas pipeline components, pressure vessels, extruded connections, nuclear components, and packages for offshore platforms. A large percentage of their business is exported, with equipment installed in over thirty countries around the world.

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. is known for its people, quality, capabilities, and experience. This combination of attributes has made them a leader in the manufacture of products for severe and critical duty applications.

“Using the latest version of RRM has allowed us to combine our existing separate MS Access databases for Sales, Purchasing, and Production into one centralized database, giving all the users access to more information. This allows for

Taylor Forge Case Study

better distribution of information, and has improved communication between departments regarding job specifics information,” stated Trent Upshaw, Designer/IT Coordinator,

Taylor Forge Case Study

Taylor Forge is currently using RRM for Order Entry thru Shipping and Invoicing. Add on features include; Rapid MES for attendance, Quality Suite, DBAudit and Payroll Interface with ABRA software.

They will be expanding MES by implementing the labor data collection portion and implementing the Quality Suite in the future.

Spot Light

  • 15 Rapid MES seats

  • Payroll Interface with ABRA

  • DBAudit

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc.
Paola, KA

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