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Mobile MES

ProfitKey’s Mobile Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers an all-inclusive Operator Console affording you access to all the information necessary to dispatch and operate a work-center from a Microsoft Tablet with an integrated bar code reader that your workers carry with them during the day.

Mobile Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


Labor Cost Savings

  • Workers have their tablet loaded with the software with them all day, they are untethered and can log their jobs from anywhere on the shop floor without having to locate a kiosk, wait in line, log their job and then sanitize the area for the next worker. The cumulative time saved with the tablets can drive a payback for this investment of less than 3 months.

Shop Floor Space Savings

  • Removing your current kiosks frees space for expansion on the shop floor without the expensive necessity of expanding your current square footage.

COVID-19 Benefits

  • Best practices in this time of pandemic means social distancing and constant cleaning. Workers queuing at the kiosks and then cleaning and wiping down the kiosk after every use is eliminated with the tablet at the workstation. No queues, cleaning, or wiping until the shift is over.


  • Roving inspectors

  • Workers running multiple machines

  • Workers with in/out times for multiple jobs that take less than 10 minutes each

  • Employees in a wireless environment with limited floor space


Mobile MES ships on a tablet with all the necessary software installed. The tablet camera can be used to read barcodes (see image below), or you can use a mini wireless barcode reader that is included and ships with the tablet.




All-inclusive Operator Console Form

  • From a single display/form enjoy finger-tip access to all information needed to operate a work center:

       - View Traveler/dispatch information on-line

       - Push Button convenience with mouse, light pen, or touch screen for:

  • Attendance clock-in/out

  • Set up clock-in/out

  • Run clock-in/out

  • Rework clock-in/out

  • Down clock-in/out

  • Log multiple starts/stops

  • Start SPC functions

  • Append notes to work order operations specs

  • Inspect in-process through interface with optional Quality Module


Electronic Dispatching

     - View authorized traveler information upon login

     - Controlled viewing of work center assignments

  • See only the current assignment

  • See all assignments for a day, or days, or any future number of operations

  • Allows only authorized operator(s) to work at a work center

  • Electronically Dispatch traveler/scheduler changes to the appropriate work instantly

  • Operate paperless or paper-lite – Save paper costs

  • Barcodes are not required but can be utilized

Document Management

  • Rapid MES includes the RRM Document Management module.

  • All documents maintained in Item, Work Center, and Operations folders for the job being processed are viewable from the Operator Console.

  • Documents in folders can be viewed or printed on local or network printers.


Integrated with Operations Monitor


Real-time Integration with the PK Database

  • A separate MES database is not required

  • PK Rapid MES is seamlessly integrated with all other PK ERP functions and modules including scheduling, dispatching, and costing

Easy to Learn

  • Operators can learn how to use the Operator Console in less than an hour

  • Full implementation requires just one on-site day


Flexible Configuration

  • A single LAN Client PC can serve multiple operators or be used as a kiosk

  • Front office seats are not needed

  • Rapid MES is licensed on a flat fee basis


Allows for one employee to work on multiple operations, with auto cost allocation


Flexible, user/object-based security allows each user customized visibility and access


Improve labor and cost accuracy to 95+%

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