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PK Sidekick for Manufacturing (PKSM)

A reporting and inquiry tool to access information quickly and easily. PKSM allows you to create a unified picture of order status, production plans, product information, etc.


Data is retrieved from all areas of the ProfitKey system in an integrated way and every view enables the user to quickly filter, sort, group and find data using a consistent point and click interface. Exporting data to other applications such as Excel is easily done.



PKSM is completely compatible with most active versions of ProfitKey and can run side-by-side with no problems. The program is backward compatible to PK version 7.6.5 and works with either Oracle or SQLServer.

PK Sidekick for Manufacturing (PKSM)



PKSM imposes no changes to the ProfitKey software or database. All the complex logic for displays such as Time-Phased-Netting, Bill-of-Materials, Work Order Costing, etc. is contained within the product.


  • All searches can scan through all of ProfitKey from one place

  • By Description or Extended Description

  • By User Defined Fields

  • Free Text

  • Bookmarks - save the item you are looking at in the Bookmarks list so you can quickly retrieve it later

  • Touchscreen compatible

  • All views including multi-level Bill-of-Materials easily exported to Excel by clicking a single button

  • Print or Export search results to many different file formats including Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.

  • Multi-level Bill-of-Materials lets the user play what-if games with the top-level quantity. Same is true of the Routing Display

  • Expandable Routing List so that Routing Specs are visible on the same page

  • Time-Phased Netting lets the user move the due date for Safety Stock to wherever they want

  • Unique Work Order Display shows the entire multi-level Job/Lot structure at a glance

  • Work Order Display does not make the user specify a Job/Lot or Shop Order before going further

  • Work Order Display shows the Item Documents at the same time it shows the Work Order Documents - makes it easy to publish documents to the job without copying files

  • Operation Specs are visible in-line with Operations display

  • Inventory Transactions Display shows a running total at the transaction level

  • Inventory Transactions Display supports drill downs to both Origin and Destination

  • View the current Open Sales Backlog at any time and drill down to production detail

  • Lookup Customers in the Customer List and drill down to Open or All Orders and then drill down to a single Order Inquiry

  • Change Fonts, Font Size, and Color Schemes



PKSM requires a network connection to the ProfitKey database server. The ProfitKey Client Software is not required to be installed.

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