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ProfitKey Manufacturing

Smart Software to Optimize Manufacturing Operations 

ProfitKey Manufacturing (formerly known as Rapid Response Manufacturing or RRM) is our leading business solution for small to mid-sized manufacturers. It integrates all of your business operations allowing you to improve productivity and enhance profitability. A powerful technology solution with deep manufacturing functionality, ProfitKey Manufacturing is specifically designed to address the unique demands manufacturers to increase operational efficiency, improve inventory management processes and boost customer service levels. 

Core Modules in ProfitKey Manufacturing


Real-time visibility of Work Center or Department status, including Bottleneck Management let you identify issues that could negatively impact delivery – while still in process. Operation Grouping and Sequencing allow for work center optimization and reduction in setup / tear down times.


Fully integrated Inventory Management gives real-time stock status, allocations and available-to-promise.  Unlimited stock locations per item.  Built-in Cycle Count / Physical Inventory module help manage inventory. Backflush capability at point reduces operator transaction entry, while keeping inventory accurate.


Fully integrated accounting streamlines the processing of A/R and A/P Invoices, pulling information from the Shipping and Receiving transactions for electronic matching. Full General Ledger reporting, including the ‘G/L Report Writer’ provide a wide range of reporting options for the financials. 


Fully integrated into the Common Sense Scheduler, purchasing allows you to not just buy items and raw materials to stock, but also purchase directly to the job, even to a specific operation. This ‘time-phasing’ delays purchasing as long as needed – keeping money in your pocket instead of on the shelf - while still assuring availability of material for the job. 


Easy to use, the Engineering interface lets you copy Routings and Bills of Materials from other Items or Revisions, as well as drag-and-drop engineering. Electronic Folders’ store any Windows-readable documents such as drawings, images, videos, etc. throughout the system for on-line access throughout the shop.


Whether make-to-order or ship-off-the-shelf, Customer Management gives you simplified Quote and Order entry and management. Copy quotes to jobs in seconds, and manage the order from sale through production in a single window. Real-time visibility of Job Status and Cost keep you on top of problems before they get out of control.

Optional  Modules in ProfitKey Manufacturing


Quality Management is a fully integrated inspection and defect tracking system. Incoming and In-Process goods arriving for inspection are vaulted, unavailable until the inspection is complete.  Goods deemed as failed are unavailable to inventory or planning. Non-Conformance Reporting with Cause and Corrective Action are also embedded, with defect reporting, rework, and Pareto Analysis of defects.


Using MRP, you can easily Master Schedule repetitive builds combined with make to order assemblies, while optimizing the planning and purchasing of materials.  Min/Mult logic allows you to build and buy optimum quantities for appropriate economies of scale.  Real-time available-to-promise gives you the visibility you need to ensure deliveries are met on-time.


MES provides real-time bar code data collection, updating job status and cost instantly on clock-out. In addition, MES integrates to the Inventory Backflush and Inspection systems, as well as the Electronic Folders, giving operators direct access to on-line documents such as drawings, images and videos.

ProfitKey Announces Major Release of its ProfitKey Manufacturing Next Generation ERP Application Suite

SALEM, N.H., October 2, 2018 – ProfitKey, a leading provider of ERP solutions and services for small and medium-size manufacturers (SMMs) and job shops, today announced the availability of  ProfitKey Manufacturing, a major release of  its next generation ERP suite which helps manufacturers increase operational efficiency, increase sales, improve inventory management and enhance customer service levels. ProfitKey Manufacturing takes ERP navigability to the next level by featuring a new user interface that delivers one click, streamlined navigation and the look and feel of a Microsoft Office type environment. Read full press release


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