Be Thankful For Manufacturing Software

Thankful for ManufacturingBefore cell phone and text messaging, communication was a much elongated task.  Before the internet, people had to wait for things in the mail, sometimes even lost them.  Before home alarm systems, people’s personal belongings and safety was more of a major issue.  What do these things all have in common?  Security and efficiency, and before manufacturing ERP software became a mainstream commodity, job shops also faced these uncertainties.

While family, friends, and good health should always be in the forefront of your “Grace” before your Thanksgiving meal, I’m guessing one of the things that won’t be brought up, but should be from your business standpoint, will be your manufacturing software.  Subconsciously, you’ll be relaxed knowing that your ERP solution is providing all you need to ship on time, reduce inventory carrying cost, keep your customers happy and ultimately remain profitable and steady.  This has got to give you a feeling of comfort and security that helps you relax while you slowly slip into your post-Thanksgiving meal food coma.

For a quick example, we could look at processes before automation.  Prior to, a simple schedule change or order change resulted in people printing or reprinting orders and running them out to the shop floor in hopes of assuring the right thing is being worked on.  Now with the right system and a simple push of a button it all happens for you without the stress and confusion of a manual process.

How about working with drawings?  Are you working on the latest revision?  How many prints do you have in front of you?  Today’s systems allow you to store drawings specific to the job so it is at your fingertips significantly reducing the margin for error.

Various manufacturing software tools have taken organizational and management strategies to a whole new level.  We no longer need the need to rely on vast amounts of paper trails, countless man hours wasted, and a much larger sense of security that when something should/needs to be accomplished it will be.  It eliminates all of the unnecessary risks of human error without removing the human, which is also vital to the industry and the economy.  So if you have the right software for you, sit back, relax, watch the Turkey Bowl games, and know that you’re in good hands.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels to all!

Posted by Jason Rourke, Marketing Manager, ProfitKey International

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