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Smart solutions to automate, streamline and modernize your operations.


It's no secret that small and medium-sized manufacturers like you struggle constantly to hold a place in today’s competitive and changing market. To succeed, you need a software solution that helps you stay on top of your game at all times.


You need a robust yet affordable and easy-to-use software solution combined with a proven and reliable technology partner that helps you:

  • Respond to constant changes in both the industry and new technologies

  • Manage increasing volume and inventory optimization

  • Meet customer demands to deliver excellent service

At ProfitKey, we know manufacturing inside and out so our software solutions reflect that deep understanding and experience. Our solutions are specifically designed to help you improve efficiencies, optimize productivity and increase profitability. With ProfitKey, you can focus on your core business processes rather than on software.

Learn more about the ProfitKey solutions:

  • PK 8 (formerly known as Rapid Response Management or RRM)

Solutions for manufactoring operations
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