Japan Disaster: US Manufacturing Aftershocks?

Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Japan as they deal with their on-going crisis.  As we all recover from the shock of the current crisis in Japan, we start to realize that the effects  have already spread far and wide and will continue to do so in the future.  Manufacturers in the US who supply to Japan and directly receive supplies from Japan are affected, but what will the ripple effect be and how much will it disturb business as normal?  It seems that the US automotive industry has already been affected greatly as stated in http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Toyota-tells-US-plants-cnnm-1619359976.html?x=0.  People are scrambling to figure out what this means in terms of dollars and how to adjust to disruptions.  Will other areas of manufacturing be affected?  What whiplash have you experienced thus far and what you do foresee in the future?

Posted by Joe DiZazzo, ProfitKey President and CEO

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