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ProfitKey Smart Software for Smart manufacturers | Smart ERP Systems, Smart ERP Softwares

•Small to mid-size custom manufacturers

•Modular design grows with you

•Low cost of ownership


Smart Software for Smart Manufacturers


Are you interested in increasing your manufacturing productivity, improving profitability, having an environment that doesn’t constrain growth?


If you are, then it is time to look at ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning.


ProfitKey has been helping custom manufacturers move from the world of spreadsheets or applications that don’t talk to each other for over 30 years, and we can help you too.

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What is ERP?

At the highest level, ERP software integrates all the various operational processes that are essential to running a successful manufacturing business. With the right ERP software, your business runs more efficiently allowing you to improve productivity and profitability.


ProfitKey's PK 8 is a robust, intuitive ERP application software specifically designed to the needs of small to mid-sized custom manufacturers.  


It integrates all of your business operations allowing you to reap the benefits below. ​​

• Streamline operations and gain company-wide visibility

• Access information anytime, anywhere to improve decision making

• Optimize inventory and production resources to increase efficiency

• Adapt to changing requirements and evolving business strategies

• Get new products to market more quickly and profitably 

• Improve quality and customer satisfaction



Schnieder Packaging Equipment Co, Inc. , Profit testimonial

"Our solutions are engineered to customer order so ProfitKey’s software substantially reduces our workload, particularly in the areas of purchasing, receiving and part tracking. This allows our engineers to concentrate on customer solutions directly in the field.”

Taylor Forge ProfitKey Testimonial

"Using ProfitKey's software has allowed us to combine our existing separate databases for sales, purchasing and production into one centralized database. This allows for better accuracy and improved communication between departments regarding key job specific information.”

Backer Hotwatt Profitkey Testimonial

"Every department in the company has been positively impacted by ProfitKey's software. The production floor can enter labor as it's happening so sales can more accurately quote jobs. We have dramatically increased the accuracy of our inventory and decreased the time taking our inventory.”

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